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                            "Children enjoy good levels of caring support from attentive and enthusiastic staff."   Ofsted April 2012  

"Children feel very safe when in the nursery and benefit from secure and trusting relationships with adults."            Ofsted April 2012



We have different rooms for different ages of children and this allows us to set each room up and provide  equipment that is ideal for their needs.  for example in the baby room we have a safe and comfortable area where your baby can learn to roll and crawl and explore with limited mobility and lots of soft cuddly toys and toys for chewing.  In the preschool your child is developing good gross and fine motor skills and may want to do construction with big pieces of wood or drawing with coloured pencils. As children get older we offer more challenging toys and facilties to meet their changing needs and ensure there is plenty of scope for new challenges.

Generally your child will move up from the baby room to the toddler room around age 18 months, and from the toddler room to the preschool at age 3 but we will also work with individuals needs so for example if your child starts to walk early we may move them sooner and vice versa. 

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To find out more about each room and what to expect please click below:


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