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who works at The Hadden Hill Nursery & Preschool?

Our children spend their time with caring and gentle adults who are fun to be around and who genuinely love being with them.  Our nursery is small and intimate and all the staff know all the children well.  All our staff are well qualified for their role.  Everyone is trained in first aid and safeguarding. All our staff are encouraged and supported in further training in general childcare and in more specialised areas such as Special Educational Needs and also in practical skills like food hygiene. 

Read on and learn more about the team or call us to arrange an appointment and meet us properly!


My name is Sophie and I'm a qualified Nursery Nurse. I've worked in Childcare for 12 years and loved every minute of it. I live in Oxford with my partner and our 2 year old daughter.  I was the manager for 2 years at a big nursery prior to coming here as manager but I much prefer working in our small and intimate nursery as I get to see a lot of all the children every day.  The children are all such fun and interesting characters and we have a lovely relaxed and homely atmoshere here at Hadden Hill.




I'm a Nursery Nurse and qualified Prescool Teacher.  I love being with the children every day especially at this age as they are growing in independence and developing their own personalities. All the children have different likes and dislikes and learning styles and I enjoy getting to know them and giving them all opportunities to do the things they love best so they can progress and be ready for school




I love working in childcare!!!  It's great to be in a job where I'm spending my time with happy little children each day and I particularly enjoy trying to devise new and exciting activities where the children can learn through getting messy and having fun!!! I'm a Qualified Nursery Assistant and currently studying for my level 3.   I've always loved being around children so this was a natural career choice for me.  I love being with the tweenies as at this age the children are starting to become more independent, developing their speech and starting to make friends. The children change quite a lot during their time with me and I enjoy helping them to become independent and sociable little people.



I'm baby room leader.  I find working in childcare really fulfilling as it's wonderful to watch the children grow and develop and know that you have made a positive contribution to that. I am always there and ready with a comforting cuddle when its needed and I particularly enjoy any kind of creative activities with the children as I am artistic and love to encourage the children in this at all ages.The babies are at a fantastic age where they grow and learn new skills very rapidly.  I love being part of some of their most important milestones such as learning to walk and find it very rewarding encouraging them to communicate with hand signals and smiles and helping them learn their very first words.


I'm the Nursery Cook.  I really love that I get to cook proper healthy food for the children each day and I'm getting myself quite a reputation with both children and parents as my delicious  meals get eaten heartily every day by all the children.  Many parents have been astounded in the time I've been here at the variety of healthy food their "fussy eaters" hoover up at nursery and I've had more than a few requests for my secret! I also sometimes do cooking with the children which we all really enjoy -its one of the perks of my job.